(TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Reader/Book Blogger:


I love being a reader, because it gives me the opportunity to fully focus on another world and forget all about my worries and concerns. I can close the real world completely outside and imagine being in the story. My life is f*ed up sometimes  but when I'm reading, I can forget it and focus only to the story I'm reading.

I love being a reader, because it is a hobby that does not have eat a lot of money. The library has millions of books that can be borrowed free of charge and e-books are not that expensive.

I love being a reader, because it makes me feel smarter. My vocabulary and language skills has increased considerably and I've absorbed the huge amount of all kinds of trivia (though I don't know if I ever need it). Maybe I've also learned something new about myself and the world around me.

I love being a reader, because I have never a dull moment. Reading never stops. I could read all my waking hours and there are always more great books.

I love being a reader, because even if the world would end, I won't get bored. Although electricity and computers would disappear, books would be left.
I don't know how much I'd have time or desire to read, but it would be possible .
I love being a reader, because it is simply fun. One book can make you angry, happy, raging lunatic, laugh or cry. A good book can get you to jump with happiness and exciting cliffhanger can make your fingers and nerves itch, while you wait for the next book. And if you're really passionate reader, sometimes you feel like throwing the book on the wall when you are so furious with the writer of a book or character.

I love being a blogger, because I can share my own opinion, my rage and my happiness with the book with others. I can pour out all my feelings out, and perhaps someone is pleased to get to read it and find that book through my blog .

I love being a blogger, because sometimes I get a chance to get books for free or in advance. Passionate reader can not but to love getting hold of a book before others and for free.

I love being a blogger, because by reading other blogs, I have found an incredible number of great books that I'm sure I would have otherwise never found.

I love being a blogger, because it develops my language skills. Most of you certainly have noticed that English is not my native language and I know that there is likely to be a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. However, blogging helps me to learn, because in real life I get to use English very rarely.