I've decided that this year I have a goal. I'm finally trying to shorten my tbr list. Last year I added a lot of books that I ment to read, but that didn't happen. Well, I read a lot, but there are still lot of books that have been just waiting there. So this year I try to pick my readings from that list and I try not to add too much new books.


Currently I have 194 books in my list. It a lot. I know that many have even more, but I'd like to keep my list short or I get overwhelmed when I try to pick what to read next. I can't make up my mind. So my goal is to read at least half of those books or at least delete them from my list if i'm not even going to read that book.

This year I have read 7 books from my list. I've also removed few that I'm probably never going to read, but I've also added about 10 books. About half of those almost 200 books are books from series' I've never read before and about half are sequals and about 15 have not been published yet, so lets see where I am in few weeks, so stay tuned. :) I'm trying to keep record.