I've read a lot of postings and discussions about this topic and I want to offer my opinion too. And I'm going to say both. I love real books and I own lots of them, but I think that I own ebooks even more. And main reason is that I live in Finland. Books are here really really expensive. And I read mostly in english, so it's so much easier to download ebooks than order them from the other side of the world. Here's a little example, Cassandra Clare's City of Fallen Angels. Lets look at the prices.

suomalainen.com (finnish bookstore)

City of Fallen Angels (hardcover) 17,90€ (24,57$)
Langenneiden enkelten kaupunki (translated hardcover) 25,20€ (34,58$)
Langenneiden enkelten kaupunki (translated paperback) 9,80€ (13,45$)
Langenneiden enkelten kaupunki (translated ebook) 25,10€ (34,45$)


City of Fallen Angels (hardcover) 16,94$
City of Fallen Angels (paperback) 8,50$
City of Fallen Angels (ebook) 6,99$
City of Fallen Angels (audiobook) 27$

Crazy, right? Finland is a booklover's nighmare. Ebooks are sometimes even more expensive than hardcovers. 5 ebook from BN costs as much as one translated hardcover from Suomalainen. It really is crazy. So no wonder that I read mostly ebooks. So that is one number one reason. Second reason is that it's way more easier to take reader with me everywhere. I have hundreds of books in my reader and they're always with me where ever I go. I can read everywhere, at home, work, beach, train, car, etc.. I love my reader. It's pretty simple, it doesn't have wifi of touchscreen or even colors, it's simple e-ink reader, but I love it. I have my iPhone and laptop if I want to take pictures or go online, so I don't need them in my reader. The battery lasts about 2-4 weeks depending how much I read.

(^ my heaven ^)
But if had all the money and space I would buy real books. I'd love it if I'd had my own library room. But I'm not rich and I don't have enough space, I'm lucky that I can fit 2 bookshelf in our livingroom.

So, I love both. Both have their ups and downs.