I've been a passionate reader almost my whole life. The series I really loved was propably Nancy Drew-series. Well, who little girl doesn't? I've read every book that was translated to finnish, so about 100 books. There are lots and lots of other books I loved too, but that's the one I loved to most.

This blog isn't really about my childhood books, but today I'm feeling little nostaltic and want to introduce you one vampire book that I love above all. It's my very first vampire book, that I bought with my own money. I was maybe 11 or 12 years old at that time and sometimes I wonder what the saleslady was thinking when she sold this book to me, bacause this one is NOT a book for children. NOT AT ALL. And the book is....

Nancy A. Collins: Sunglasses after dark (Sonja Blue, #1)

A debut horror novel featuring a vampire, Sonja Blue, who escapes from a mental hospital leaving a trail of corpses in her wake. As we learn about her early life, we are taken on a nightmarish tour of a world inhabited by other types of non-humans - ogres, zombies and, of course, vampires.

This one is REALLY old book. It was first published in 1989, so it's older than I am. (few months) It was old when I bought it and it's even older now. Well, not old compared to many many other books, but old to me. But that really was my first adult vampire book. I've maybe read some other vampire books that were childrens books, but I think that this one was my first "real" vampire book. To me it's legendary.

There are other Sonja Blue -books, that this is the only one I've read. I think there are 7 books in this series. Someday I'm going to read them too, but I'm not in a hurry.

I can't remember why I bought this book, maybe I just liked the cover. I don't think that I really knew what this book was about, 'cos I really think that this isn't really good for for kids. There are sex and rape and horror and blood and other really gory stuff, especially if you are a kid. I wouldn't let my kid read this. But I really love this book and I think that I've read it almost 10 times. My paperback is really worn out and it's a miracle it's still in one piece.

So yeah.. That's it for now. I just wanted to share this one piece with you all, cos I think that this book was monumental for me and it's propably one of the main reasons why I love vampire books and urban fantasy so much.