Marissa Meyer: Cress (Chapter One) (Lunar Chronicles, #3)

I received an ARC of the first chapter of Cress from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

How on earth one can review a chapter? It's not easy, there's not lot of material to do so, but I'll try. Well. Based on one chapter I can say that I'm excited. I can wait to read the whole book. Can you give it to me now? Like this second? No? Are you sure? Yeah, I thought so, but one can hope, right? I would to ANYTHING to get my hands on ARC. But 52 days of waiting ahead for me. I know that there are chapters 1-5 available for free, but it seems that not internationally. I haven't found any place that lets me download it, so that sucks.

But about this chapter.. Do I regret reading it? Yes. Why? Because I can't wait to read the whole book. This waiting is absolutely torture. This one chapter was perfect teaser. It really did its job. Cress as a character seems interesting. It will be interesting to see her actually get out of that satellite. And the last paragraph in this chapter? I have my own theories about what that means, but we'll see if I'm right about that one...