(TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)
This is a hard one... But here's my list.
1. Carolyn Keene - Nancy Drew series
I used to love her Nancy Drew series. I don't remember if it was my first series I read, but it was one of those. I've read all books that were translated to finnish, so 105 books. I don't know why they stopped translating those, I think they were pretty popular.
My mother is her big fan and she has lot of her books. So naturally I read them too. Her books were the first "adult" books I read if I remember correctly. And I still like her books.
Tragid story about Nancy Spungen and Sid Vicious, the basist of Sex Pistols. This was my first biography, I read it when I was about 12. And it's still one of my favorite books, I've read it multiple times. After this book, I've read many "similar" books; Nicky Cruz's Run, Baby, Run, Barry Mason's Fallen Angel etc. A lot of books about drugs and mental illness..
"You were my little baby girl,
And I shared all your fears.
Such joy to hold you in my arms
and kiss away your tears.
But now you're gone, there's only pain
and nothing I can do.
And I don't want to live this life,
If I can't live for you.
To my beautiful baby girl.
Our love will never die..."

4. Nancy A. Collins: Sunglasses After Dark
My very first "real" vampire book. Pretty hardcore for 12 years old, but it was also my first that I bought with my "own" money.
Propably my first fantasy series. I can't remember, but one of those at least. This was also the first series I read in english. I was so big fan, that I couldn't wait for the translated book, so my mother bought me some of those books in englisg right after they were published. So I own books 5-7 in english and in finnish. After Harry Potter, I started reading more books in english and nowadays I read mostly in english, I rarely wait for translated edition.
So this week my list is pretty short, but I couln't figure out any more. I've always loved reading as long as I remember and I've read so many books, that it's hard to pick those "gateway" books, that got me reading some genre of something. But those were the books or authors that are someway special to me.