Julie Milillo: Immortal Sin (Immortal Sin, #1)
 Did not finish

One Girl.
Two Worlds.
Three Questions.

What lies beneath the hidden secret?
Can love rise above the inevitable?
And most importantly, where will her fate lead her?

Amanda Chaste had lived what she considered an average life in New Jersey, looked after and cared for by her grandmother. But when she accidentally meets an enigmatic stranger from out of town, her world is drastically thrown upside down. A hidden secret has been buried in the past and not even Amanda can save herself from her own fate.
Conflicted and tormented within her own flesh, discovering her true identity will prove to be something that will change her life forever.


I received this from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

I'm sorry, I really tried to read this, but I just didn't like the book and couldn't finish it. I hang in there about half way throught, but I finally gave up bacause I was still not clear about what the plot in this book was.

The summary of the book is rather vague and it didn't tell very much. In fact, when I first started the book, I hardly know what I was getting into. The beginning of the book was rather vague too. I ungerstood that there was something about demons or stuff, but that was all. But on the other hand, thing moved pretty quickly, but it still took quite a while before I understood really what was going on. In the beginning there was some strange and mystical event, but it all seemed pretty obscure.

Amanda's behavior was at least in the beginning a little bit strange. Maybe strange is not the right word for it, but that's what I'm going to use. Of cource it's possible that some people just have a very good intuiiton, but it still felt pretty odd that she twisted drunk driving, drowning and a gas leek into something strange, when I think it's really not. Maybe it is bit strange that many people die in a such short amount of time, but that's it. But they all seemed like accidents, so who would've guessed that there's something strange going on? Also Amanda's interest towards Mitch seemed a bit odd. She runs into Mitch one time in a party and he's rude. So what? Is rudeness only reason why Amanda thinks there's something strange about Mitch? And that's why she needs to get answers. To what exactly she needs answers? I'm sorry, but the whole thing seemed rather stupid and bit far fetched. Amanda seemd to drive into coclusions pretty fast. Od cource there is something strange about Mitch, but how on earth she could know that? It seems impossible to Amanda make those conclusions without any evidense. I really hoped that there would be something more. For me, events did not seem very plausible.

I just could not help it, I did not like the book. In general, I'm not very picky reader, but now I just simply could not finish it. The whole plot seemed very vague and things progressed too fast. First I was completely clueless, then suddenly almost everything is explained. When I finally understood what was going on, I didnät get what plot was supposed to be. The idea behind the book seemed pretty interesting, but the story itself seemed really hastily written, like it wasn't really thought through. And there really didn't seem to be any larger point or mystery, or at least not anything that would interest me. There wasn't anything "more". Things happened, but the point was missing. I rarely leave books unfinished, but I just didnät see any reason to continue reading this. The last pages I read, I only went through quickly in hope that something interesting would happen.

I read the author's Goodreads profile where she mentioned some authors that inspired her. Jocelyn Davies, Alexandra Adornetto and Josephine Angelini were among them and it really showed in the book. I've actually read books from all those authors and I think that there was maybe bit too much influence. This book seemed forced and almost like there were pieces taken from other books and scraped together by force without much purpose. Writing a bad revies is never fun, but sadly I must admit that this book was complete waste of my time.